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  • Union Socket™ and Union Contact™ Supermulti-pin PKG socket with cooling function Union Socket™ and Union Contact™ Supermulti-pin PKG socket with cooling function
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    ■ Union Socket™ This is the “world’s first” etching socket with water-cooled heat sink. It features all-metal specifications using our original etching guide plate. ■ Union Contact™ Union Contact™ is a contact with a one-piece structure made from materials including a high strength, high conductivity copper-silver alloy. It delivers high-contact reliability that prevents the power flicker, stuck, and other continuity failures that are a problem in probe pins which are composed of multiple parts.

    Target industry: Electrical/Electronic Parts Metallic Products/Parts Industrial Electrical/Control Equipment

    Kyosei Factory (Thailand) Co., Ltd

  • Sliding door "SR" Sliding door "SR"
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    Sliding door pursuing human kind and environmental friendliness and comfort. Because the slide door SR is an external type, it can be easily installed in existing openings as well as new construction work. It opens with just pulling lightly and is a semiautomatic type that automatically gently quiet after passing through.

    Target industry: Hospital/Medical/Welfare Construction Food Service/Hotel

    UNIFLOW Co., Ltd.

  • AICHI ELECTRIC CO., LTD [Solar Power System] AICHI ELECTRIC CO., LTD [Solar Power System]
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    The result of know-how based on accumlated technologies and numerous construction achivement, we provide the total engineering from the planning to the maintenance by equipment proposal of the solar power generation system. *For details, please contact us or download the catalog.

    Target industry: Industrial Electrical/Control Equipment Energy


  • Frameless Signage "ADPACK" Frameless Signage "ADPACK"
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    ADPACK is frameless facade sign for shop by original forming method (TCF). * TCF (Method to mold two acrylic sheet at the same time). It is used at convenience stores, Drugstore, Other retailers etc.

    Target industry: Retail Service Industry

    Sankyo Tateyama, Inc.

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