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Automobile part/Component of a bicycle/Component for transport

Automobile part/Component of a bicycle/Component for transport

  • Turning Tools for Brother's SPEEDIO Turning Tools for Brother's SPEEDIO
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    Target industry: Automotive Parts Optical Equipment/Parts Aerospace Related


  • [KOA] Multi Layer Type Metal Oxide Varistors [KOA] Multi Layer Type Metal Oxide Varistors
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    KOA offers wide size lineuped chip varistors from 0.6mm x 0.3mm to 5.7mm to 5.0mm. Suitable for ESD protection, inductive lightning surge measure. Operating temperature is maximum 125 C degrees. Max. peak current is up to 4500A. Suitable for surface mounting replacement from disc varistors. Automotive type is available.

    Target industry: Automotive/Transport Machinery


  • Mitsubishi Materials' Intake Air Temperature Sensor Mitsubishi Materials' Intake Air Temperature Sensor
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    Features  •Integrated waterproof connector sensor  •Easy and reliable attaching with screws  •Precise temperature measuring  •Quick response (6 sec)  •Tough against extreme heat cycling and vibration  •Double molding makes for airtight construction

    Target industry: Automotive Parts Industrial Machinery/Devices

    Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Electronic Components Division

  • Automotive Components Automotive Components

    Our machined metal parts to serve as automobile components contribute to the safety of the automobile society and to the environment, relying heavily on the precision cutting in which we became veterans through precision machining of watch components. We meet customer needs by providing added value through the entire sequence of integrated production, from machining ? mainly precision cutting and precision press work but also including EDM hole machining, grinding, polishing, heat treatment and surface treatment ? up to assembly and function testing. We aim to be the best supplier complementing the above-mentioned processing techniques with streamlined in-house facilities and engineering proposals.

    Target industry: Automotive Parts


  • Combustion Pressure Sensor Combustion Pressure Sensor

    The current internal combustion engines used in automobiles have a combustion efficiency of only around 30% at best, and they cannot convert all of the energy from the fuel into power. Amid calls for energy savings, all of the automobile manufacturers are engaged in continuous research to increase combustion efficiency, but the fuel economy performance required of engines for automobiles is high, and it is not easy to satisfy this requirement. As one means of responding to market demand, it is becoming increasingly important to ascertain what is actually happening inside the cylinders and to implement control in accordance with that status. What makes this possible is combustion pressure sensors. To measure directly the combustion pressure inside the cylinders, which had been difficult to measure up until now, and make a major contribution to the realization of optimum combustion state.

    Target industry: Automotive Parts Machine Parts Electrical/Electronic Parts


  • Graphite/Carbon Products for Automobiles Graphite/Carbon Products for Automobiles
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    High-performance carbon products are used in a wide range of fields from our immediate environment to areas of cutting-edge technology. Our products are utilized for automobile bodies as well as the manufacture of various parts. *Please contact us for more details.

    Target industry: Automotive Parts Machine Parts Semiconductors/LCD/FPD


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