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    Date of publish:19/02/2015
Distributors wanted

We introduce Japanese manufactures who are looking for distributors in Philippines.

Regarding more information of wishes of distributors/terms and conditions of business, etc., please ask through “Inquiry” button given in each company page/product page.


Products and services

  • Pin header Pin header

    The collective name for terminals (Pins , Sockets, Jumpers,) that are mounted on PC boards. Wide variety of products, round pins, square pins, jumper. We commit to providing product on a timely basis that meet our customer's demands. Furthermore, through the proses of designing our products, we proceed in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, and we continue to serve society and make social contributions.

    Hirosugi-Keiki Co., Ltd.
  • Sheet Piler for hydraulic hammer HP series Sheet Piler for hydraulic hammer HP series

    NPK’s sheet piler HP series, used with hydraulic hammers, is suitable for lifting/driving sheet piles in urban areas or narrow, unstable spaces. It’s also cost effective as no crane or power generators are required. The chuck bends 90° (SX model only) and can pick up sheet piles without standing them upright first, thus reducing operation time. We have the following 4 models with recommended shovel weights of: HP-2SX: 6 – 9 tons HP-4SX: 10 – 16 tons HP-7SX: 17 – 21 tons HP-10L: 22 – 30 tons (Special order)

    Nippon Pneumatic Mfg. Co., Ltd
  • NABCO Automatic Door NABCO Automatic Door

    Nabtesco is well known in the world as a manufacturer of NABCO automatic doors. We aim to create comprehensive operating systems for automatic doors that are comfort to use for everyone. Our control technology makes urban life more convenient ranging from automatic doors to industrial door systems and platform screen doors that provide enhanced comfort and a sense of security in the platform. Since launching as Japanese first manufacturer of automatic doors in 1956, NABCO has consistently been a brand leader in this filed, supplying various types of automatic doors such as the airtight door, heat-proof and radiation shielding doors for specialized industrial application as well as regular doors. Also, NABCO’s automatic doors are widely found at the remarkable landmarks throughout the world, based upon reliable performance and the rich know-how.

    Nabtesco Corporation
  • High Performance Power Transistor Socket Series C001 High Performance Power Transistor Socket Series C001

    In the power IC industry, high voltage resistant and high current devices have been actively developed in recent years, including the ones using SiC material. But up to now, there's been no test socket suited for such application. SDK has developed a high perfromance socket working under high temperature, satisfying such demands.

    SDK Co.,LTD
  • Water-repellent corrosion inhibitor KC-80 Water-repellent corrosion inhibitor KC-80

    The best property of KC-80 is that immediately after the metal surface is treated and its water content has dried, it can be painted/coated. Coating film adhesion won’t be affected. KC-80-treated metal surfaces have water resistance, which gives anti-rust and anti-tarnish effects for a certain period of time. [Features] - Water repellent agent with a special surfactant as a main ingredient - Forms a thin monomolecular layer on the metal surface to repel water - Highly concentrated type is also available * For details, please download our catalogues or contact us.

    ASAHI Co., Ltd.
  • Copper anti-tarnish agent/BT Series Copper anti-tarnish agent/BT Series

    This water-soluble anti-tarnish agent for copper prevents oxidation and chronic discoloration by forming complex protective compounds on copper surfaces. Coating treatment can be done simply by dipping. [Features] - Neutral water-soluble agent - Simply by dipping materials into the agent diluted 10-20 times, surfaces will have extended protection from oxidation and will maintain their sheen. - Surfaces treated with this agent will not suffer decreased electrical resistance. - Has good paint adhesion, reducing defect rate. - In the case of copper-finished articles that have already been discolored by machining oil or heated through machining, it is more effective if an oxide film removal agent is used along with copper CU-600. - Can be used to prevent discoloration after plating or barrel polishing. Also effective if used during the barrel polishing process. * For details, please download our catalogues or contact us.

    ASAHI Co., Ltd.
  • Self-locking clamp RK series Self-locking clamp RK series

    Self-locking clamps are locked not only with toggle, but also spring mechanisms. Inspecting the locking status is easy, which helps work process standardization. Can be used in workplaces subject to vibration.

    Kakuta Hanbai Co., Ltd.
  • Silicone Sheet Contact Silicone Sheet Contact

    Product Features: ◆Large contact area, low contact resistance(<100mΩ) and high electrical performance contribute to test yield improvement. ◆Very short electrical path ensures reduction in signal taransition time. ◆High pin count up to over 3000pins can be handled. ◆Mixed hole sizes possible on the same sheet. ◆As fine as 0.2mm contact pitch is available, using laser drilling technology. ◆Using low cost materials and simple architecture provide low cost ownership ◆Detection of missing device balls is possible with flat top surface of contact pin. ◆Soft touch with device ball minimizes ball damage.

    SDK Co.,LTD