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    Date of publish:19/02/2015
Distributors wanted

We introduce Japanese manufactures who are looking for distributors in Philippines.

Regarding more information of wishes of distributors/terms and conditions of business, etc., please ask through “Inquiry” button given in each company page/product page.


Products and services

  • High Precision & High rigidity, Gearhead RD2 series High Precision & High rigidity, Gearhead RD2 series

    Nabtesco's precision reduction gear is a reduction gear for precise motion control which uses a planocentric reduction gear mechanism. This reduction gear design has advantages in rigidity and resistace against overload with a compact body due to a large number of simultaneously engaged gear teeth. Furthermore, minimal backlash, rotational vibration and low inerita lead to rapid acceleration, smooth motion and accurate positioning. Features: - 3 input options : straight (RDS), right angle (RDR), pulley (RDP) - Solid shaft & hollow shaft - Pre-lubricated - High accuracy (backlash 1arc.min.) - High shock load resistance (withstands 5 x rated torque) - Good accel. performance (up to 2.5 x rated torque) - Usable in a wide range of applications - Total 131 models Lineup: - Rated torque 58 N.m ~ 3,136 N.m - Allowable staring/stopping torque 117 N.m ~ 7,840 N.m - Reduction ratio 1/31 ~ 1/253

    Nabtesco Corporation
  • Copper anti-tarnish agent/BT Series Copper anti-tarnish agent/BT Series

    This water-soluble anti-tarnish agent for copper prevents oxidation and chronic discoloration by forming complex protective compounds on copper surfaces. Coating treatment can be done simply by dipping. [Features] - Neutral water-soluble agent - Simply by dipping materials into the agent diluted 10-20 times, surfaces will have extended protection from oxidation and will maintain their sheen. - Surfaces treated with this agent will not suffer decreased electrical resistance. - Has good paint adhesion, reducing defect rate. - In the case of copper-finished articles that have already been discolored by machining oil or heated through machining, it is more effective if an oxide film removal agent is used along with copper CU-600. - Can be used to prevent discoloration after plating or barrel polishing. Also effective if used during the barrel polishing process. * For details, please download our catalogues or contact us.

    ASAHI Co., Ltd.
  • Hydraulic Hammer for medium/heavy duty GHS series Hydraulic Hammer for medium/heavy duty GHS series

    NPK’s hydraulic hammer GH series has gained an outstanding reputation and continued customer support for its advanced technology. It’s the industry’s only “Gas powered method” to ensure powerful operation. Rubber cushioning comes standard for better shock- and soundproofing and it utilizes a very durable cylinder. Can be attached to 10 – 20 ton class hydraulic hammers. We offer a wide variety of products to meet any and all customer requirements.

    Nippon Pneumatic Mfg. Co., Ltd
  • Camera Module Test Socket Camera Module Test Socket

    ◆Over 600 socket designs already supplied to customers ◆Device alignment feature can be incorporated to finely align the optical center of camera module with the socket center. ◆Almost all shapes of camera modules can be handled, ensuring direct contact with FPC or B to B connector in any module shape. ◆Capable of supporting testing from manual to ATE

    SDK Co.,LTD
  • NABCO Sanitary Control Automatic Doors NABCO Sanitary Control Automatic Doors

    Nabco provides optimum automatic door systems suitable for various locations such as food processing plants and hospitals where sanitary control is required. Due to changes in eating habits, the internationalization of the production and distribution of farm products, and the increase of imported food, the number of different types of food poisoning affecting consumers has been on the rise. The types of food poisoning related to sanitary control such as food poisoning caused by Salmonella, O157, and staphylococcus aureus have been increasing year by year. Taking measures to prevent incidents such as the inclusion of foreign materials in food is also very important. Nowadays, many food manufacturers are adopting a new quality control system called HACCP. In addition, hospitals and similar facilities are constantly subject to the risk of intramural infection. In response to this, they need to adopt effective sanitary control systems. Being optimized systems, NABCO automatic doors not only both open and close, they also contribute to the sanitary control of various sites such as food processing plants and hospitals.

    Nabtesco Corporation
  • Air clamp series Air clamp series

    Air clamp is an automated toggle clamp which is normally operated manually, using air cylinder. Multiple air clamps can be controlled with one simple procedure. Air clamps with clamp sensor can enhance your safety measures and process standardization. * With toggle mechanism implemented, it continues working even when air supply is cut off. What is a toggle clamp? A toggle clamp is a tool to tighten or hold workpieces, producing intensive holding capacity with minimum effort. Used in various applications such as temporary holding or retaining in welding, assembly, inspection and indentation, or mounting in machines or equipment, crimping and DIY, and many more. Company profile - Kakuta, Japan’s leading toggle clamp manufacturer with 50 years of extensive experience, have earned customer trust and a reputation for reliability. - We have a wide range of products designed to meet customer needs. - We guarantee speedy and flexible support for custom-made products, product selection, trouble-shooting, etc. with the help of our vast sales knowledge and convenient factory location. - We supply many major companies including Toyota, IHI, Toshiba and Hitachi.

    Kakuta Hanbai Co., Ltd.
  • Silver anti-tarnish agent/AC series Silver anti-tarnish agent/AC series

    This silver anti-tarnish agent protects electric and electronic components processed with silver or silver plating as well as jewelry from ambient contaminants. We offer neutral water-soluble and solvent bases for anti-tarnish agents. Among our anti-tarnish agents, AC-20 and AC-70 have higher tarnish prevention effect for sulfide gas, and AC-410 for potassium sulfate solution. [Features] - Strong tarnish prevention effect - Can be used with a wide pH range (pH4 - 10) - Strong adhesion A protective film is formed through chemical reaction with silver, providing strong adhesion that cannot be washed off with water. - High solderability High solderability allows it to be used for various electric and electronic components. - Economical as it can be diluted by as much as 10 times. - Already a neutral agent so no neutralization treatment is required at disposal. - Packaging: Contains 18kg * For details, please download our catalogues or contact us.

    ASAHI Co., Ltd.
  • Water-soluble corrosion inhibitor AS-30 Water-soluble corrosion inhibitor AS-30

    Water-soluble corrosion inhibitor AS-30 has been newly developed to prevent corrosion on metals and aluminum and for pre-treatment of surface coating or plating. Its water-solubility provides flammability protection, better workability, economical efficiency, pollution countermeasures, and more. [Specifications] - Active ingredients: Alkanolamine salts of fatty acids - Appearance: Clear colorless liquid - PH: 8.3 (1% solution) * For details, please download our catalogues or contact us.

    ASAHI Co., Ltd.