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Machine part Medical Supplies/Biotechnology

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  • H. IKEUCHI & Co., Ltd. H. IKEUCHI & Co., Ltd.
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    Technical support and product distribution of spray nozzles for cleaning, cooling, temperature control; humidification systems using spray nozzles; air-cooling systems for factories; outdoor air-cooling systems; other cooling systems. Distribution of spray nozzles for high-pressure cleaning, chemical spraying, cooling gas, cooling steel, etc., and air nozzle “TAIFUJet.” Distribution of dry fog humidifier AKIMist® for humidification and Semi Dry Fog® cooling unit “COOLJetter.” Ikeuchi’s spray nozzles are ideal for dust prevention measures, air-cooling of huge spaces, blow-off drying and noise reduction. They are used in a wide variety of industries including the electronics, vehicle, chemical, food, textile, paper and agricultural fields.

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