Precision part manufacturing using photo etching technology

Asia wide Manufacturing Business Platform in Philippines


Precision part manufacturing using photo etching technology

Precision part manufacturing using photo etching technology

Southeast Asia’s only photo etching specialist manufacturer. Metallic foil high-precision part manufacturing.

Contract manufacturing using photo etching process on metallic foils

■ Features of photo etching
- No molds/dies are required, providing huge initial cost reduction (for small lot production)
- Small lot (from one item) production and short delivery time (as little as one day) are available.
- We can process complex and small shapes (holes, grooves), and machining in plate width direction is also available

■ Processes we can handle
Secondary fabrications (heat treatment, bending, joining) to various etched metal parts
Surface treatments (coating, plating, electropolishing) of various etched metal parts

※ We have enhanced our customer support system to achieve local procurement in the ASEAN region. We strive to meet our customers’ needs at two sites, in Japan and Thailand. For enquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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Target industry

Electrical/Electronic Parts  Optical Equipment/Parts  Information/Communication Devices

Company information

Kyosei Factory (Thailand) Co., Ltd Kyosei Factory (Thailand) Co., Ltd

Products and services features

Precision part manufacturing using photo etching technology

Thickness range from 0.005mm to 2.0mm; ultra-thin processing is achievable.
We can process ultra-precision, complex and small shapes, and machining in plate width direction is also available.
We offer a wide variety of metal materials of different thicknesses.
Chemical machining without material alteration caused by processing

We have two sales and manufacturing sites, in Japan and Thailand.
We’re the only photo etching processed part manufacturer in the ASEAN region
We offer small amount & trial manufacturing with short delivery time (3 days for trial manufacturing)
We’re equipped with large capacity mass production facilities.
Various surface treatments and secondary fabrications are available in our factories.

Usage / example

Electrical parts - earth plates/heaters/shield plates/antennas
Electronic parts - conductors/terminals/vapor deposition masks/yokes/lead frames/metallic masks/head cores
Optical equipment - VCM (leaf springs)/ shutters/apertures/light shielding plates/optical diaphragm parts/field frames
OA equipment - leaf springs/electrode plates/grids/steel belts
Measuring equipment - spacers/encoders/metal squeegees/SIMs
Precision parts - filters/slits/mesh items
Others - decorative plates/passage plates/diaphragms/jigs/dials/reinforcing plates/laminated items





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