What is photo-etching / Kyosei Factory (Thailand)

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What is photo-etching / Kyosei Factory (Thailand)

What is photo-etching / Kyosei Factory (Thailand) Photo Etching / Chemical Milling

Kyosei Factory is Asia’s only metallic foil photo etching manufacturer

Photo etching (chemical milling) is metal machining/processing technology that combines corrosion-resistant masking derived from precision photo technology and chemical machining using chemical reaction and corrosion processes on metals. This technology is also ideal for any requirements for ultra-precision processing with high accuracy, such as ultra-small parts, ultra-thin plates or unique and complex-shaped items.

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Photo Etching / Chemical Milling


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Target industry

Electrical/Electronic Parts  Consumer Electrical Appliances  Electrical/Electronic Parts

Company information

Kyosei Factory (Thailand) Co., Ltd Kyosei Factory (Thailand) Co., Ltd

Products and services features

What is photo-etching / Kyosei Factory (Thailand)

■ Features of photo etching (chemical milling) technology
* Ultra-precision, high-density, complex and fine processing is achievable
* Can process materials of varying thicknesses, including groove and projection processing with required shapes
* No material alteration caused by processing, no burrs, warps or distortions
* No high-cost molds/dies/jigs are required, reducing initial cost
* Short delivery time (as little as one day) and small lot (from one item) production are available

■ Applicable materials
Stainless/copper/copper alloy/brass/nickel silver/phosphor bronze/steel/ special steel/permalloy/others

SUS, steel, special steel, carbon steel, permalloy.
Non-ferrous metals (copper, copper alloy, brass, nickel silver, phosphor bronze)

■ For other special materials, please contact us.
3. Thickness range
t = 0.005mm-t = 2.0mm

Usage / example

We mainly provide etched components widely used in precision devices in the electronic, electrical and optical industries, as well as various secondary fabrications, such as heat treatment, surface treatment, coating/plating, etc. We deliver high-precision and high-quality metal products with a short delivery time.
- Various IC, LSI lead frames
- Heat spreaders for BGA
- Vapor deposition masks (to produce circuits for ceramic condensers, crystal oscillators, etc.)
- OA equipment parts (parts for photocopiers, printers, inkjet printers, etc.)
- Mobile phone parts
- Fuel battery parts





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