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Special Graphite(Isotropic Graphite)

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  • Special Graphite(Isotropic Graphite) Special Graphite(Isotropic Graphite)
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    Isotropic graphite is the high reliable material, due to a small characteristic variation, ultra heat resistance, excellent electrical conductivity and chemical resistance, lightweight and easy to machine. "isotropic graphite" is a graphite material with an isotropic structure and properties, created through the cold isostatic press of micro particles. Moreover, we can provide the products which meets various atmosphere or usage with our exclusive high purity technology and various coating technologies such as "SiC coated graphite PERMA KOTE(R)" with a fine layer of silicon carbide or "Pyrolytic graphite coated graphite PYROGRAPH (R)".

  • Graphite Product , “Continuous Casting” Graphite Product , “Continuous Casting”
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    Due to its ability to resist wetting by molten metal, graphite is used as a mold material for strip dies, tubular dies and other molds used in continuous casting processes for copper and copper alloys (brass, bronze, nickel silver and the like), aluminum alloys, cast iron, precious metals, and a variety of other metals. Accordingly, graphite can be used with different continuous casting methods (horizontal/vertical) and can be produced in a variety of ingot shapes (including plates, strips, pipes, rods, wire, and irregular shapes). With a wide range of grades available, Toyo Tanso can select the optimal grade for a variety of cast metals and alloys.  We also maintain control of quality, cost, and delivery dates through an integrated production system from raw materials to finished items that allows us to deliver consistent-quality Casting products. Carbon products are also used in peripheral components such as melting crucibles, stoppers, tundishes, sliding plates and others as well as in a variety of other processes, including carbon brushes for rolling and winding machines and so on. *Please contact us for more details for the selection of your optimal grade.

  • Graphite/Carbon Products for Automobiles Graphite/Carbon Products for Automobiles
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    High-performance carbon products are used in a wide range of fields from our immediate environment to areas of cutting-edge technology. Our products are utilized for automobile bodies as well as the manufacture of various parts. *Please contact us for more details.

  • Graphite Electrode for Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Graphite Electrode for Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
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    Graphite electrodes for electrical discharge machining (EDM) are widely utilized for fabricating numerous molds for plastics, die-casting, forging, pressing and more. Graphite has the versatility for machining from very large to very small precision sizes. Due to its ultrafine particle structure on the order of microns, the TTK grades Toyo Tanso developed have superior characteristics for electrode cutting, wire EDM and die milling discharge. This prevents the development of sharp edges, reduces the amount of electrode consumption and enhances discharge surface roughness, which had previously been difficult with graphite materials. *Please contact us or download our catalogue for more details.

  • Heat Treatment:  Heat treatment tray made of C/C composite Heat Treatment: Heat treatment tray made of C/C composite
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    Heat treatment trays (baskets, grids and so on) made of C/C composites offer excellent value in terms of post-installation operating costs and longevity, allowing better overall cost performance than ordinary metal trays. Isotropic graphite products also have high heat resistance, making them ideal for heaters, structures inside furnaces, jigs for product processing, decks and other parts in heat treatment furnaces operating under high temperature. *Please contact us or download our catalogue for more details.

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