Gas burner “UNI-HEAT gas burner” series

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Gas burner “UNI-HEAT gas burner” series

Gas burner “UNI-HEAT gas burner” series

Contributes to advancement and energy savings in combustion technology! Exceptional safety measures in a highly reliable system.

■ T series
The T series burner is equipped with a combustor offering high combustion performance with low NOx, a BVG control valve which demonstrates strict air proportion control and a quiet but speedy high-performance blower that can take a large combustion load.

■VRG series
The VRG series is a packaged gas burner for high-load combustion with a unique built-in high turbofan. Utilizing the sought-after E-type combustor and monoblock solenoid valve, it’s safer than conventional models.

■ PN series
The PN series demonstrates accurate proportional control, and employs fully automated proportional method. Easy maintenance because all functional parts can be inspected and mounted/dismounted from outside.

■N-E series
Suitable for any type of combustion gas, such as city gas, natural gas and LP gas

■ M series
With its Air-fuel ration knob allowing both gas and air to be controlled together, the compact UNI-HEAT burner offers a multi-step mechanism. Suitable for food production or drying of agricultural and marine products, which require flexible control of combustion volume.

■ GW series
A fully automated packaged burner which handles exchange combustion between gas and fuel, etc., with only a simple switching operation. Unique flame cone and high-performance blower help maintain the best combustion condition with either gas or fuel.

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Target industry

Automotive/Transport Machinery  Industrial Machinery/Devices  Resin/Plastic/Rubber Products

Company information

Daido Kogyo Co.,ltd Daido Kogyo Co.,ltd

Products and services features

■Excellent combustion
■Quiet with high performance that enables it to take high combustion loads
■Uses a sensitive UV flame detector and reliable emergency shut-off valve to guarantee safety
■Simplified maintenance
■Fully automated packaged burner

Usage / example

Food machinery
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Gas burner “UNI-HEAT gas burner” series



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