Lasco Japan Co., Ltd.

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Lasco Japan Co., Ltd.

Lasco Japan Co., Ltd.

Leading outdoor facility manufacturer, producing wooden decks, foot bridges, etc., using an environmentally friendly simplified foundation construction method.

Business description

Lasco Japan designs and constructs decks for parks, wood walks, piers, wooden bridges, playground equipment and outdoor furniture.

Our environmentally friendly foundation construction method, “Pin Foundation” and other simplified methods are called “Ecology Foundations.” These methods are applied to the foundations for wood walks, for example. We are proud to have 300+ installations throughout Japan.

These methods are ideal for soft ground, steep slopes or dense forests, where heavy machinery can’t operate. The “Pin Foundation” method is registered in the NETIS (New Technology Information System) national database of new technologies.

In addition, we have applied our extensive knowledge and expertise to the development of the "Solar Foundation” method for the foundations of solar power generators. Using this method, we can set up outdoor mega solar panel frames on ground in any condition.

Our other businesses include the introduction of GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) to bridges, balustrades and decks, extending their durability. We also sell “Doozer Wood,” a high-quality, low-cost artificial timber (synthetic wood), and the “Endless Pool,” a small pool with a swim current generator. Although it’s compact, the user can literally swim endlessly against a head current.

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Company profile

We import environmentally friendly simplified foundation construction methods from overseas and implement them in Japan. Among many such construction methods, we particularly focus on the “Pin Foundation” method for relatively small construction projects, such as wood walks, boardwalks and small huts, as well as our “Sleeve Pile” method for fences and guard rails. We also enjoy one of the largest market shares in wooden suspension bridges and wooden bridges in Japan.

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Hyogo, Japan


190-1 Kondo, Bessho Cho, Miki City





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Lasco Japan Co., Ltd.


190-1 Kondo, Bessho Cho, Miki City, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan




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