【Sales Agents Wanted】Turbine Meter

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【Sales Agents Wanted】Turbine Meter

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【Sales Agents Wanted】Turbine Meter

For oil, water, LPG, LNG etc.

The turbine meter is smaller and lighter than other
flowmeters and it allows highly accurate measurement over a wide flow rate range. It is an iconic turbine meter that is adopted for a
wide range of uses including the trading process control
and process management in various field.

〇Being made of stainless steel, it has excellent
corrosion resistance and it can be used with a
wide range of liquids, including water,
petroleum and chemical fluids.
〇Since the housing has a cylindrical shape
which is highly resistant to pressure, it can
also be used for measuring high pressure
fluids. (Up to 343 MPa.)
〇Its compact structure ensures ease of use
and maintenance.

Specifications of Intelligent Indicator Unit
Display: Integrated, Reset, Momentary Flow Rate, Temperature etc.
Functions: Linearization, Temperature Correction,
     Coefficient Correction, Correction of Measuring
Chamber’s Thermal Expansion etc.
Output: Open Drain, Voltage Pulse, Current Pulse,
Analog Output etc.
Communication: Smart Communication
Explosion-proof Design: Explosion-proof Structure(ExdⅡBT4)

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Target industry

Industrial Electrical/Control Equipment 

Company information

Tokico System Solutions, Ltd. Tokico System Solutions, Ltd.

Products and services features

●Connection Size: 3/4~14B
●Applicable Fluid: Water, Petroleum, Chemical Solutions,
       LPG etc.
●Accuracy: ± 0.5% RD or ± 0.2% RD
●Flow Rate Range: 0.36~3,500m3/h
●Fluid Viscosity: 5 mPa·s or less
●Fluid Temperature: −250~500℃
●Maximum Working Pressure: 4.16MPa
●Piping Installation: Horizontal Piping
●Required Length of Straight Pipe
Upstream: 20D (including straightener) or more
Downstream: 5D or more

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