Grease Nipple (Pin Type)

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Grease Nipple (Pin Type)

Grease Nipple (Pin Type) SK Brand

Definite Maintenance by Credible Grease Nipple

Sanwa Metal Industry Co., Ltd. will make contributions to your business with the widest product line-up range and the biggest production capability of grease nipple in Japan.

Various kinds of grease nipples ( material, type and attaching part ( thread / driven-in ) ) are available, including the custom made.

Our Business】
Sanwa Metal Industry Co., Ltd. engages in the production and wholesale of the following products:
- Grease Nipple
- Brake Lining Rivets
- Hydraulic / Lubricant / Pneumatic Piping Connectors
- Hub Bolts and Nuts
- Automobile Parts
- Specialized Vehicle Parts
- Construction Machinery Parts
- Production Machine Parts
- Vessel Parts
- Medical Equipment Parts
- Other Metal Parts ( including custom made products )

ISO 9001:2008

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Target industry

Automotive Parts  Construction  Industrial Machinery/Devices

Company information

Sanwa Metal Industry Co., Ltd. Sanwa Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

Products and services features

□ The following materials are available as our standard line-up
- Steel made ( SUM24L ( or Eq. ) with Trivalent Chromate Plate )
- Brass made ( C3602/4 ( or Eq. ) with Nickel Plate or Non Plate )
- Stainless Steel made ( SUS303 ( or Eq. ) )

□ Custom made grease nipple with special material, thread, length or otherwise, are also available
Ex. ) Law Cadmium Brass ( LCD ) / SUS303 / SUS316

Usage / example

To be used in Automobile, Construction Machine, Agriculture Machine, Production Machine and other machines as a mouthpiece to inject grease into such machine.


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