SD Nozzle (Swing Direction Coolant Nozzle)

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SD Nozzle (Swing Direction Coolant Nozzle)

SD Nozzle (Swing Direction Coolant Nozzle)

Improve profitability of your production with longer-life and higher-spec cutting tools !

SD Nozzle the coolant nozzle mainly targeting the lather machine, expecting the following effects:

1. Higher Spec
SD Nozzle may make your tool exert their spec higher, while many tools will not fulfill even their catalogue spec under the normal conditions.

2. Longer Life
SD Nozzle may make your tool have longer life by pinpoint coolant at the end of cutting tool.

3. Better Quality
SD Nozzle may help to produce the better quality products by removing chips with its coolant pointing both at the periphery of cutting tool ( such as a drill groove ), as well as the end at the same time

4. Shorter Setting Up
SD Nozzle may bring you shorter and more labor saving coolant setup, with its easy direction control, compared to the usual coolant setup of copper nozzles.

5. Higher Production Efficiency
With all effects above, SD Nozzle may help you to run your machine longer and safer, and also bring you higher production efficiency.

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Target industry

Automotive Parts  Construction  Industrial Machinery/Devices

Company information

Sanwa Metal Industry Co., Ltd. Sanwa Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

Products and services features

The following items are available:

□ SD Nozzle
The direction adjustable coolant nozzle ( with its movable end ).
It may connect to the copper pipe or the tool holder directly.
Single and multiple nozzle type ( straight or parallel ) are available.

□ SD Nozzled Tool Holder
The tool holder for drills and boring bars with SD Nozzles.

□ SD Magnet Plug
The magnet plug helping to prevent SD Nozzle’s close.
SD Nozzle may close by powdery chips, since its hole diameter is 2mm only.
This plug will help to prevent such close by pulling chips with its magnet.

In case of nonmagnetic material chips, we suggest you to prevent the nozzle close with filters or other equipment.

* Please note that any effect described on this page will not be guaranteed, while each has been shown in our own metal processing works. Your ideas or comments regarding our products are always welcome and will be heavily appreciated.

Usage / example

SD Nozzle is used in Citizen Machinery’s “Miyano CNC” as its optional part.
We provide this SD Nozzle especially for manufacturers and users of the production machinery.

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