Sanwa Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

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Sanwa Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

Sanwa Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

The Leading Company of Grease Nipple / Processing Service by Credible Manufacturer

Business description

○ Grease Nipple Manufacturer
We boast the widest product line-up range, as well as the biggest production capability. Not only our standard products but also the custom-made are available.

○ Custom-Made Production
We offer comprehensive and diverse operations with 70 years credible and unique technologies, to achieve:
・Trial and commercial production as well as the manufacture of a wide range of lot sizes.
・Comprehensive operations for cutting, surface treatment, standard assembly, and various other procedures.
・A portfolio of grease nipples, piping joints, nozzles, and other custom products processed to our customers’ specifications.

Material Portfolio
Steel : SUM24L、S45C、SS400、SCM435、SUJ-2、SUY-1
Stainless Steel : SUS303, SUS304, SUS316, SUS403, SUS440C
Aluminum : A2017、A5052、A6063

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Company profile

We, Sanwa Metal Industry Co., Ltd. (Sanwa), boast a 70 year history of manufacturing and craftsmanship.
While carefully listening to the ever-diversifying needs of our customers, we have continued to develop our technical skills under the motto of “craftsmanship our customers can trust.”
Aiming not only to fulfill our duties as Japan’s leading grease nipple manufacturer but also to continue being an indispensable company to both our clients and society in an increasing range of fields, we deliver our customers with the highest level of value and satisfaction.


Osaka, Japan


3-2-40, Miyake Higashi, Matsubara-shi,

Obtained standards

ISO 9001:2015


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