Brother Seiko Co., Ltd. (187571)

Asia wide Manufacturing Business Platform in Philippines


Brother Seiko Co., Ltd.

Brother Seiko Co., Ltd.

We always produce quality that meets customer requirements and provide trustworthy products.

Business description

● Automobile parts
・Stainless steel parts for wipers, motor shafts, various other shafts, shafts for thermostats, roller pins for wipers

● PC, IT
・Stainless steel shafts for motor shafts, guide shafts, motor shafts for HDD and DVD, motor shafts for PC printers, pins, core bars for metal rollers

● Commercial Equipment
・Shafts for refrigerated showcases, guide shafts for vending machines, shafts for ATMs, shafts for photo developing machines

● Medical Equipment
・Various medical syringe materials

● Others
・Food-related parts, pins for general use, parts for AV equipment, household appliances

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Company profile

● Corporate policies
・ Be highly trusted by customers
・ Provide the best quality at affordable prices
・ Show humility and sincerity

● Quality policies
・ Always produce quality that meets the customer’s requirements and provide trustworthy products

● Quality targets
・No customer complaints
・No product defects
・ Establish and raise the quality awareness of each employee

● Environmental policies
・ Through our corporate activities, we commit ourselves to resource conservation, energy-savings, waste and environment-related substance reduction, and pollution prevention for environmental conservation and improvement.
・ For local and global environment conservation, we commit ourselves to compliance with laws, regulations and our customer’s environmental requirements to protect the earth and its resources.
・ For sustainable improvement of environmental conservation, we draw up and, if necessary, revise our corporate policies, goals and objectives to reflect environmental concerns.

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Saitama, Japan








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