Ubiquitous Technologies, Inc. (185707)

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Ubiquitous Technologies, Inc.

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Ubiquitous Technologies, Inc.

With a customer-oriented approach, we integrate technologies as a one-stop center and provide visual inspection and image dimension measuring machines.

Business description

1. Outsourcing software development (web-based and built-in systems)
2. Smart device solution services
3. Development and sales of visual inspection machines
4. Development and sales of image dimension measuring machines
5. Integrated FA systems
6. Manufacture and sales of electronic components

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Company profile

Ubiquitous Technologies does outsourced integrated software development with our proprietary software and optical and mechanical technologies. We also develop solutions and services using image processing machines and smart devices.
We often hear users’ comments about widely used visual inspection machines in the manufacturing industry, saying that “Our system often reports false detection or there’s too much defective loss.” “In fact, it was easier before the inspection machine was installed.” “We have switched back to non-automated visual inspection.”
Ubiquitous Technologies always takes into consideration the individual user’s requirements, such as target tasks, specialized features of factory lines and production facilities, operation procedures and environment. We then coordinate the entire system using optical, mechanical and operational techniques. We also consider how to use the inspection results in order to provide unique machines and systems to meet the customer’s every need.
Our engineers are always assigned to support your project exclusively, from the initial meetings, site inspections, structural planning, design and development through to installation and after-installation services.
We provide a one-stop structure with integrated services that include optical condition settings, machine selection, machine mechanism design, electrical control design, and image processing software design.
Our service is not just engineering. From a fully customer-oriented point of view, our engineering professionals, with their outstanding manufacturing expertise, develop “machines and systems with a customer-oriented approach” to give you the maximum benefits of automation.

Postal code



Kanagawa, Japan


Fukuhisabiru7F, 4-49, Minaminakadori, Naka-ku Yokohama-shi,

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31,000,000 JPY





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