Maruzen Chemical Co., Ltd. (183527)

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Maruzen Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Maruzen Chemical Co., Ltd.

FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) business featuring high quality and great design, and crane-related business with safety and credibility. We strive to integrate technology and design harmoniously.

Business description

- FRP business
Design, development, manufacture sales, repair/restoration and recycling of FRP parts for industrial uses, construction machinery, industrial machinery, the automotive industry, large buses, motorbikes, road engineering, miscellaneous objects, stage arts, etc.

- Crane-related business
Mounting of smaller-than-05t cranes on to small/medium/large-sized vehicles, repair of cranes, part sales and crane replacement
Self-imposed regular crane inspections by small mobile crane inspectors
Cutting bodies, crane mounting onto vehicles with reinforced chassis
Manufacture of sub-frames, rear-position crane mounting
Manufacture of specially designed crane bodies, manufacture and mounting of tow truck cranes
Crane mounting for dump truck chassis with cranes
Sales and repair of vehicles with self-propelled crawlers
Sales, installation, inspection and repair of radio control systems for cranes
Repair and parts sales of UNIC car/high carriers
Various self-imposed regular inspections by JCEMA (Japan Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association) certified inspectors
Repair of hydraulic machinery for cranes

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Company profile

FRP business
- Design, manufacture and sales of various FRP products for construction and industrial machinery; manufacture of high-quality and ecologically designed FRP products; research and development of environmentally friendly natural fiber-reinforced polyester composites.

Crane-related business
- Mounting of small-sized UNIC mobile cranes and various other cranes onto brand-new trucks; after sales services including crane repair and maintenance; manufacture of tow trucks with cranes; replacement of cranes. Our factory is certified by the Kanto District Transport Bureau, Japan. (No. 2-5690)
- Designated UNIC crane service factory
- Designated Maeda crane service factory

Postal code



Kanagawa, Japan


8684, Tana, Chuo-ku Sagamihara-shi

Established date



10,000,000 JPY

Number of employees

11 to 50

Obtained standards

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kanto Department of Transportation certification factory (№2-5690)






Head office

Company name

Maruzen Chemical Co., Ltd.


8684, Tana, Chuo-ku Sagamihara-shi




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