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Dummy head “SAMURAI HATS”

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  • Dummy head “SAMURAI HATS” Dummy head “SAMURAI HATS”
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    The “SAMURAI HATS” is an ANSI and IEC compliant dummy head, which can take acoustic measurements with consideration of the diffraction or reflection near ears, which is caused by the upper body and head. The microphone is omnidirectional and suitable for ambience recording which is remarkably similar to the actual sounds entering our ears (binaural recording). You can conduct high-precision acoustic analyses, such as quality evaluation of headphones/earphones, vehicle interior noise level measurement, and architectural acoustics measurement. [Features] • Head only (Dummy Head) or with upper body (HATS) • Built-in ear simulator (for both ears)  (Including IEPE (constant current) and 2CH power supply) • Can be connected to various audio measuring instruments * For details, please download our catalogs or feel free to contact us.

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Aco Co., Ltd. Aco Co., Ltd.
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