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Integrating sound level meter “TYPE 6224/6226”

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  • Integrating sound level meter "TYPE 6224/6226" Integrating sound level meter "TYPE 6224/6226"
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    The TYPE 6224/6226 is a compact, lightweight, easy-to-use and cost-effective sound level meter. This sound level meter measures Equivalent Continuous Sound Pressure Level (Leq), Sound Exposure Level (Le) and Percentile Noise Level (Lx), making it ideal for environmental noise measurement. With a wide range of functions and easy operation, it’s perfect for noise level measurement of vehicles, aircrafts and factories, as well as quality control and various testing applications. The RS-232C interface comes standard, making it connectable to an external CPU to conduct continuous measurement. [Features] •Percentile Noise Level (Lx) - any 5 random values •Equivalent Continuous Sound Pressure Level (Leq) measurement  ⇒ Environmental noise measurement required for occupational health •Wide linearity range of 100dB •With RS-232C interface, data can be processed on a PC •With built-in memory, up to 10,000 records can be stored * For details, please download our catalogs or feel free to contact us.

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