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Acoustic calibrator “TYPE 2127”

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  • Acoustic calibrator “TYPE 2127” Acoustic calibrator “TYPE 2127”
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    The “TYPE 2127” is a small, lightweight and easy-to-use audio calibrator with a feedback regulation loop. This product is compliant with JIS C 1515:2004 Class 1 and IEC60942: 2003 Class 1, which employs a reliable condenser microphone as its control sensor. With an added temperature correction function, sound generation is strictly managed in real time, resulting in fewer errors caused by atmospheric pressure changes or incorrect microphone setup. [Features] •Sound generation control: highly accurate feedback regulation loop with temperature correction function •Conformity standards: JIS C 1515:2004 Class 1 and IEC 60942:2003 Class 1 •Target calibration devices: with dedicated adapter, 1 or ½ inch microphones or sound level meters •Nominal sound pressure/frequency levels: 94dB/1000Hz •Weak battery indicator: LED flashing and no sound generation will act as a warning to avoid mismeasurement * For details, please download our catalogs or feel free to contact us.

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