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Aco Co., Ltd.

Aco Co., Ltd.

Striving to meet the needs of tomorrow, Aco Co., Ltd.

Business description

■Manufacture and sales of various sound and vibration sensors and meters.

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Company profile

Aco Co., Ltd. was founded as a microphone manufacturer in 1972. We honed our skills over time, and in recent years we have successfully developed 1/8-inch microphones.

As a sound meter manufacturer, we have worked tirelessly on research and development alongside with our users, corporate partners and research institutes at universities. Based on these achievements, we entered the vibration meter field in 1972, strived for excellence, and become a leader in the sensor manufacturing industry.

In 1976, we started global product distribution. Our products are highly regarded worldwide; the watchword in the industry is now “Aco for sensors,” particularly in the US, the U.K., Germany, Korea and Taiwan.

Our products are essential for measurement in various lifestyle environments, from general devices to construction, medical and various other fields. Our wide range of products is used in a variety of settings such as quality control, maintenance, process management, research and development.

In recent years, we have expanded into the automobile industry, with emphasis on our advanced system products, including software and peripherals. From single products to total system development, we are deeply committed to understanding our customers’ exact needs and aspiring to advance and thrive together.

We will continuously strive to develop new technologies that will contribute to the industry, and to enhancement of people’s lifestyles and environments.

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Tokyo, Japan


85-1, Otsuka, Hachioji-shi,

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60,000,000 JPY






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  • You can download the list of companies in the same area, Aco Co., Ltd. (CSV file format)