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    Engineering business It’s available to check each item from "Product / Service List". 1) Plant construction in non-ferrous metals and other fields (EPC)   A complete factory is provided including civil and building,   equipment installation, utilities, Instrumentation, from the   vacant lot. 2) Maintenance of existing factories (Equipment renewal,   Modification work, etc.)   Arrangement and installation of the equipment, piping / ducts   replacement, and electrical wiring are provided when the   customer wants to replace equipment. 3) Design, manufacture and on-site installation work of cans and   conveyor conveyors, etc.   Design using 2D/3D CAD, manufacture, and on-site installation    work including piping and electrical wiring are provided as   package. 4) Manufacture of automatic devices and equipment   (hydraulic,pneumatic, motor driven)   Custom-made automatic devices and equipment is provided   including site installation and electrical wiring work at customer   site. 5) Relocation of factories in Japan to overseas (factory moving   work) Equipment dismantling, removal, transportation, on-site    equipment assembly / installation, and electrical work are   provided as package. 6) Supply of equipment, spare parts, and consumables made in   Japan and other foreign brand   Arrangement shipping, packing, and delivery of equipment,   spare parts and consumables are provided as per customer   delivery terms.

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MESCO, Inc. Philippine Branch MESCO, Inc. Philippine Branch
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