[Mold cleaning case] Persistent release agent is easily washed away

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[Mold cleaning case] Persistent release agent is easily washed away

[Mold cleaning case] Persistent release agent is easily washed away

“Mold cleaning usually needs about 6 hours to complete, but with CLIPIKA ACE it only takes 20 minutes.” This is a customer review of the product, which can dramatically reduce operation hours and improve work efficiency.

[From a CLIPIKA ACE user, a factory manager at U Corporation, in Okayama, Japan]
We have tried several different cleaning products and method, but none has worked very well. To be honest, I was skeptical about the quality of CLIPIKA ACE and had low expectations. But when we saw a cleaning demonstration, I was amazed by the results. An extremely persistent release agent, which we didn’t even bother with any more, just came off. Of course, we immediately bought the product. Since we began to use CLIPIKA ACE, the frequency of mold maintenance has also been reduced. We now fully rely on CLIPIKA ACE, even from a quality control point of view.

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Target industry

Electrical/Electronic Parts  Optical Equipment/Parts  Resin/Plastic/Rubber Products

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Products and services features

Precision mold cleaning using ultrasound and electrolysis with alkaline cleaning solution.
The synergetic effect of ultrasound with electrolysis restores the same shininess as in brand new products without causing any damage.

• Even without skills or training, anyone can restore molds to as good as new.
• Complete removal of dirt ensures an increased number of shot cycles
• Shorter maintenance time compared to manual cleaning
• Causes no damage or dimensional changes to molds
→Able to clean leather embossing and mirror-surface dies

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Usage / example

• Thermoplastic resin injection molding plants
• Extrusion plants
• Blow molding plants
• Rubber injection molding plants
• Zinc die-casting plants
• Precision press factories
• Various mold manufacturing factories
• Various part processing factories


Mold cleaning machine “CLIPIKA ACEⅢ”



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