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  • Improvers that make diesel fuel with kerosene Improvers that make diesel fuel with kerosene
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    [PRODUCT NAME] KTD(Kerosene to diesel fuel). We manufacture 3 types of additives as "the improvers that make kerosene to diesel fuel"; Type O, type P, type H. They have all same lubricity. KTD Type O(low cetane) hardly changes the cetane number. KTD Type P(neutral) changes cetane number into 51 from 49(standard kerosene). KTD Type H(high cetane) changes cetane number of kerosene(49) into 54 as the light oil(diesel fuel). The difference in price(type) is due to the difference in quantity of the cetane improver. These additives is very useful for economy in tax, because differences between light oil(diesel fuel) and kerosene are 32JPY in Japan. [CHARACTERISTICS & EFFECTS] These 3 kinds of additives are intended to use kerosene as light oil (diesel fuel). These additives have the following functions, To prevent the galling by lubricity lack. Improve oiliness of kerosene. Torqueful at the zone of low revolution by the effect of the combustion improver. Decreasing the black smoke. You can move the diesel engines without diesel fuel, whenever have kerosene. No need to use low quality heavy oil. No clogging of a filter by sludge of heavy oil. Usable instead of inferior light oil(diesel fuel). [USAGE] Mix with kerosene at the rate of 200:1 and can use as light oil (diesel fuel).

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