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    A wide range of air nozzles is available for different air types (compressor, blower and steam), spray patterns (flat, round and slit), sizes and materials. [Air nozzle product line-up] • TAIFUJet series The TAIFUJet series is an innovative air nozzle that takes in surrounding air and blows double the volume of air supplied. With uniform and powerful force, it also excels at producing a quiet, solid stream of high impact air. Stainless steel models with high shock and heat resistance and resin models with great chemical resistance are available. The TAIFUJet series can be used in various environments. • HF series Compact body; can be disassembled for cleaning. • VZ series Able to spray steam in a flat fan shape. • SLNB series Uniform spray force with minimum pressure loss. For blow-off drying and blowing off of dust; as in air curtains; noise reduction; etc.

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H. IKEUCHI & Co., Ltd. H. IKEUCHI & Co., Ltd.
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