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Dry fog humidifier AKIMist®"E”

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  • Dry fog humidifier AKIMist®"E” Dry fog humidifier AKIMist®"E”
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    Benefits of humidity conditioning: 1. Increased productivity Example: In the electronics industry, the defect rate decreases as humidity conditioning can prevent damage caused by static electricity. 2. Improved quality Example: In the printing and textile industries, humidity conditioning works well to prevent product shrinkage and produces better quality uniformity. 3. Improved health Example: Above a certain humidity, the influenza virus can’t survive. Humidity conditioning is implemented as a health care measure for employees or health control of livestock. The above three points are the main objectives of humidity conditioning.

  • Industrial humidification system AirAKI Industrial humidification system AirAKI
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    AirAKI is the high-quality humidification conditioning system with the world’s first humidity assurance. Together with compressors and water purifiers, our experts design systems to maintain the best humidity environment. After-sales humidity assurance service is provided. “Dry fog” is used to prevent static electricity and dust in various industries including the printing, electronics, plastic and textile fields.

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H. IKEUCHI & Co., Ltd. H. IKEUCHI & Co., Ltd.
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